Quick service - Your Business

Is the unending flow of waste taking up too much of your valuable time? Time that you should devote to your customers? With the help of our compacting systems you can take control and they are perfect for crowded dining areas with a demanding waste flow, efficiently reducing the waste volumes.

Benefit from Orwak solutions for quick service:

  • More productive use of valuable time especially during the busy peak hours
  • Save valuable storage space behind the scenes
  • Keep waste volumes small and manageable
  • A spotless appearance is crucial. Enjoy a clean and inviting environment at all times!
  • High standards of hygiene
  • Overnight storage of high-density waste indoors keep your staff safe during the late night shift
  • And on top of that: Turn recycling into a source of income!
    = Investing in an Orwak solution guarantees the best total waste handling economy

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