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Balers and Waste Compactors


We are proud to present our comprehensive product portfolio of waste cardboard compactors, Plastic and Cardboard Recycling Balers that meet the demands of waste handling across multiple market segments. Our reliable, quiet and sophisticated compaction systems are designed to work for you! The range is divided into several product families based on similarities in design and functions.

  • Leaning TOM orwak4 600x448


    TOM is about the same size as a conventional waste bin, but compacts the waste and can hold up to seven times the volume before the bag is full. The concept is ideal for highly frequented public spaces.

  • bred

    Orwak Compact

    The Orwak Compact product family features small yet effective front-loaded balers that produce light bales. Thanks to the compact design, the balers provide rich placement opportunities and are ideal where space is limited.

  • ORWAK POWER 3620 Image2 421x600

    Orwak Power

    The Orwak Power product family features dynamic front-loaded balers with innovative Black Star Technology. The balers offer strong and powerful compaction of large volumes of waste into very dense bales.

  • Orwak 5070HD with bale transparent1 570x600

    Orwak Multi

    The top-loaded double-chamber balers in the Orwak Multi product family are designed for sorting and compaction of different types of waste at source. They can easily be extended with additional chambers to form internal recycling points.

  • 5030-bred-448x600

    Orwak Flex

    The Orwak Flex product family features strong and colorful compactors with different qualities. The small top-loaded units include our classic in-bag and in-bin applications as well as a solution for safe compaction of hazardous waste.

  • BM300_transparent-600x564


    The Brickman product family features fully automated briquette presses that rapidly turn large volumes of waste into compact briquettes. The presses can be fed while running and with a compaction ratio of up to 20:1. The briquettes require no binding.

  • Namnl C3 B6st 1-600x438

    Orwak Horizontal

    Our fully automated Orwak Horizontal balers provide an extensive choice of feed systems and automatic tying of the bales. The balers meet the challenge presented by centralized waste handling. Continuous baling allows multi-shift operation and a bale counter keeps track of the throughput.

  • Straps 600x540


    Orwak is happy to provide you with high quality bags and straps for your balers and waste compactors. The supplies are tested and selected to be strong, reliable and meet high demands.

  • Screw Compactors

    Screw Compactors

    Compact many different kinds of material Separate liquids from solids, Screw compactors have two main characteristics:

  • Ray

    Ray Solar-Powered Waste Compactor Bin

    The RAY® is the sustainable solution providing waste and litter-management in any controlled public space